I’m Quinn Keast, a user experience designer.

The Nitty Gritty

I enjoy crafting new user experiences and working to make existing ones perform better. The processes and thinking involved in creating digital products through human-centred design are immensely satisfying.

I have over eight years of expertise that covers the entire human-centred design process: from research and strategy to finished interface design and front-end development. My education is in design, which is complemented by a lifetime of tinkering with digital tools, languages, and technologies.

In 2011, I co-founded Caribou, a user experience strategy and design consultancy that works with product teams and organizations to make better products and experiences.

Aside from all that, I enjoy playing Ultimate frisbee, strength training, writing, and baking macarons.

Want to know about my guiding values and how I work as a human? I've created a Quinn.README that acts as a user guide for Quinn.


Caribou / Strategy & Design Consultancy
UX Designer, Partner
2011 —

Ducks Unlimited Canada / Environmental Conservancy
UX Specialist
2012 —

UX Lab / Powered by Caribou & North Forge
2017 —

UX Winnipeg / Events & Community Organization
2017 —

Relish Design Studio / Branding & Design Studio
Graphic Designer
2009 – 2012


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