Quinn Keast

AI policy

All content on this website is written by myself. I do not use AI (such as ChatGPT or other LLMs) to generate articles from prompts or similar. All content reflects my own thinking, ideas, style, and craft.

Occasionally, I ask AI (such as ChatGPT or other LLMs) to summarize or re-state my own ideas on the basis of a complete skeleton I’ve written. Based on the response, I may reorder, restructure, or alter my original thinking. I personally write each draft and final copy.

I used AI (specifically Dall•E 2) to generate illustrations for the article “How I stopped worrying and learned to love the AI.” At this point I’m not sure I do love the AI for this purpose and I haven’t, nor do I plan to use it to generate imagery in the future. Instead, I typically use my own photos or imagery or photos or imagery taken from Unsplash or similar. It’s possible this may inadvertently be generated by AI without my knowing, in which case I’ll replace it if I learn as such.