A collection of thinking on user experience, design, and business.

What I ask candidates during UX job interviews


During almost a decade in UX, I’ve sat at both sides of the table for job interviews — as both the interviewee and interviewer.

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Accessibility is Trendy (and that’s a Good Thing)


Accessibility is everywhere. And that's good thing. Accessibility is trendy because accessibility is more accessible than ever before.

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I created a user guide to me


Manager.README documents—created by leaders in engineering and product teams—provide a compelling look into what it will be like to work with someone, while also revealing a lot about each person on a personal level. That’s why I created a user guide for me.

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Thoughts on Consent & Ethics in Tracking User Behaviour for UX Research


As a UX designer and researcher, I’ve been paying close attention as user and customer privacy on the web becomes a bigger part of the public consciousness.

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Those Dumb Quotes


What if there were a way to instantly improve your UI design with almost no effort on your part?

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Accessibility: Designing Sustainability


I gave a talk at Red River College on the topic of accessibility and sustainable design for a lecture series called “Designing Sustainability.”

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Are you sabotaging your own user experience survey?


How to craft better, more effective survey invitation emails.

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Words and Language in UX


From a talk to UX Winnipeg: How do word choices and language impact the user experience, and how we can create better user experiences through the better use of language?

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Distress signals: user-generated solutions to usability problems


What can a parking kiosk can tell us about the state of an experience?

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A massive weight in a tiny package


Why is Netflix’s “Skip Intro” button is making a big impact?

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Bridging the Moat


What can buyouts in “Magic: the Gathering” teach us about user experience?

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On user experience


“I’m here today to share some thinking on User Experience. Let’s start with a story.”

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A close look at closeness


How do great experiences define and measure closeness as part of the user experience?

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