Suddenly: That’s Enough. Enough of the social updates. Enough of the “you-might-likes.” Enough of the spam trembling with anticipation behind a mask of marketing.

The purge begins. Your user sweeps through her emails, hunting down the unsubscribe links. Your email might not be responsible for pushing her over her emotional tipping point—but you’re still caught in the path of her That’s Enough.

Is your user anticipating, or merely accepting your emails?

If they’re just accepting your emails, you may be caught in the path of a That’s Enough. Worse yet, you might be the tipping point.

Make emails that your user anticipates. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Make it valuable. To them—not to you.
  • Have a purpose. One is enough.
  • Make it pleasant to view. In any context.
  • Make it well-written. Annihilate typos.
  • Make it accessible. Don’t let users who rely on screen readers or other accessibility tools feel ignored.
  • Make it findable. If you’ve provided enough value that your user wants to find it again, she should be able to search for—and find it—in seconds.

When you’ve done all of that, make sure every email you send contains a moment of delight. Even if they don’t anticipate that email, they’ll come to anticipate emails from you.