I was recently asked to share some reading recommendations by someone interested in getting into UX.

I’ve built up a pretty deep library of books that shaped the perspective and mindsets I bring to my work, which touches on UX, research, brand strategy and identity, business strategy, and workplaces and culture.

Most of these books I’ve read at least twice, but some of them are constant references for ideas and direction. I’ve marked those books that I return to again and again with an asterisk *.

I’m going to treat this as a living book list—as I come across new books to add to this list, I’ll update this article with the title and date that it was added.

I don’t use affiliate links, and don’t make any money if you purchase one of these books. I’ve tried to link directly to the author's personal website where possible.




Brand & Identity



This book is surprisingly “politically-incorrect” in this day and age. The content is still valuable, but be prepared.