Defining how the UX team works at Marley Spoon


Marley Spoon


UX Lead


2019 – 2020

Marley Spoon’s dedicated UX team is responsible for creating a delightful experience for a global community of home cooks. Each week, people from three continents and eight countries use Marley Spoon’s digital platforms to choose meals from a changing weekly menu, receive all of the ingredients and recipes they need directly to their door, and cook delicious, home-cooked meals.

As the design and product teams grew, the UX team’s process and culture needed to grow beyond a somewhat ad hoc collaboration and working process to give us structure, stronger interdisciplinary communication, and clear measures of success.

In 2019, I worked to establish clear guidelines for how the UX design team works, so that we would be able to support our own growth and performance while strengthening collaboration with the broader organization towards our shared goals.

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