Reimagining a global meal kit company’s mobile experience from the ground up


Marley Spoon


UX Lead


2019 – 2020

Marley Spoon helps people around the world to save time while cooking healthy, home-cooked meals. Each week, Marley Spoons helps customers in three continents and eight countries to choose meals they’d like to cook from a changing weekly menu and receive all of the ingredients and recipes they need directly to their door.

Since launching in 2015, Marley Spoon has delivered more than 27 million meals to its global audience. Over the past five years, Marley Spoon’s digital experience has evolved alongside its core product offering. But in 2019, it was time to reimagine the company’s mobile experience to better deliver an end-to-end product experience that united the digital and physical halves of the meal kit experience.

As UX Lead, I defined and carried out a complete reimagination of the Marley Spoon mobile experience: the affectionately named Project Dollop. Over the course of six months, I lead a seven-person project team through research and discovery, strategy, and iterative design. The result: a new white-label mobile experience foundation that serves three different brands across a global market.

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