Designing easier recipe and menu management for Marley Spoon’s dynamic culinary team


Marley Spoon


UX Lead



For Marley Spoon’s dedicated culinary teams in Germany, Australia, and the United States, designing, testing, and delivering more than 20 recipes for rolling weekly menus is a relentless culinary odyssey. To get it done, the team relies on Ramen, Marley Spoon’s internal platform to support end-to-end recipe and menu management.

Marley Spoon is a multinational meal kit company that helps people save time while eating healthy, home-cooked meals. Each week, people choose meals they’d like to cook from a changing weekly menu and receive all of the ingredients and recipes they need directly to their door. Since launch, Marley Spoon has delivered 27 million meals to home cooks in three continents and eight countries around the world.

In 2019, faced with growing technical and design debt, I led a discovery initiative to uncover usability challenges and opportunities with Ramen, and launched two separate projects to take action on what we learned.

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